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Extra Curricular Activity

After School activities are found in all levels of our school in many different forms like sports, Music, dance, debate, drama, school publications, students council and other social events (through outdoor learning). A student’s future will be determined in the things that they do in the hours after school and before their parents get home. The outcome of our after school activities on students are behaviour, better grades, positive aspects to become successful adults and a social aspect.

In this academic year we plan to offer:

  • ECA
  • Vocal Music
  • Classical Dance
  • Roller Skating Roller Skating
  • Air Rifle Air Rifle
  • Archery Archery
  • Music class – Piano Piano Room Piano Room
  • Robotics
    • To perform a variety of tasks and applications with flexibility. Robotics helps to instill in students prepares them for STEM-based careers.
    Robotics Robotics
  • Drawing
    • To improve creative thinking, problem solving and emotional intelligence.
    Drawing Room Drawing Room Drawing Room Drawing Room
  • Yoga
    • To stimulate brain function and to improve body metabolism
    Yoga Yoga Yoga
  • Keyboard
    • To practice with time management.
    • To improve reading skills and mathematical calculation.
  • Taekwondo
    • To increase concentration, confidence and self esteem
  • Silambam
    • To provide hand-eye coordination and stamina.
    Silambam Silambam